Program za udeležence 4. rodoslovne konference

SRD skupaj z SGSI že četrtič organizira rodoslovno konferenco, katere se udeležujejo potomci slovenskih izseljencev, ki raziskujejo in dokumentirajo svoje prednike in sorodnike. Pričakujemo 50 udeležencev. V Slovenijo prispejo 15. 9. in imajo v petek 16. prvi skupni sestanek v hotelu Riviera v Portorožu. V tednu od 22. 9. bodo obiskovali arhive in kraje svojih prednikov in se srečali s sorodniki. Nekateri so izrazili potrebo po spremstvu

Priložnost za srečanje s člani SRD bo v ponedeljek ob 10.30 v prostorih SSK, kjer jih bodo pozdravili predstavniki ministrstva, SIM in SSK. Ob tem bomo odprli rodoslovno razstavo. 




Kollander World Travel


Slovenian Genealogy Society International, Inc.

September 14-23, 2016


(Please keep in your hand luggage throughout your vacation)


Thank you for joining one of our tours. We are certain you will return home with exceptional vacation memories.

To help you better prepare for your tour, we encourage you to carefully read all of the enclosed documents before your departure. This booklet includes important information, suggestions and documentation that can enhance your touring experience. Please keep in your hand luggage throughout your vacation.

Please have with you at all times your VALID PASSPORT with at least 3 months validity remaining.

For general questions before leaving home call Judy at Kollander Travel – 1.800.800.5981 ext. 7007. Office hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Bon voyage and enjoy your tour!

The Kollander Travel Staff,

Kollander Travel and our Kompas Team in Ljubljana & Vienna

Kollander is a full service travel agency and we are happy to help you with any travel plans in the future and greatly appreciate referrals.


Arrival Procedure:

After disembarkation from the plane you will clear immigration, and proceed to claim your luggage. In the arrival lounge you will be greeted by a local transfer assistant or your tour director displaying a board or sign with your name and/or the name of your tour, and then you will be transferred to your hotel.

In case you are delayed for any reason or you can not find the transfer assistant at the airport, please call the emergency telephone in Ljubljana Ms. Nina Sok, before you try to find your own way to the hotel. If you have an emergency during your stay please also call Ms. Nina Sok or your tour director will assist you.

                                   Emergency contact:  – Nina Sok  - 386 51 327 639

Tour Director - Barbara Bedenk




PHONE: + 386-1- 200 6215

EMERGENCY PHONE: + 386 51 327 639


If you need to make your own way to the hotel:

The easiest way to get to your hotel from the airport is by taxi. After you claim your luggage, make your way to the official taxi stand in front of the arrival hall where you can arrange your ride.


Your tour director will go over the procedure for transfer to the airport. We recommend that you reconfirm the departure time and flight number for your homebound flight while on tour about 24 hours before the flight.


Please check your airline schedule a few days prior to departure for any last minute changes. We have done our best to pre-assign your seating when possible but the airlines can make last minute changes to seats.

Frequent Flyer Account: If you have a number with the airline you are flying or a carrier they partner with please give to the airline before you depart for your trip.

Baggage allowance for international flights is 50 pounds or less for your one free checked bag. Please have your bagged tagged all the way to your arrival city. When you return home you will check your bag to your home city. When you arrive at your first entry point in the United States you retrieve the bag for customs and re-deposit outside of customs area for your next flight.

Carry-on bags must fit under your seat or in the overhead bin. You can view baggage allowances on individual airlines websites.

Visit TSA website: for updated information.

Carry all documents and money on your person but not all in the same place to limit the inconvenience in case of loss; do not keep money, important documents, medicines or jewelry in your checked suitcase; please leave valuable jewelry at home. We recommend a money belt worn inside your clothes, while touring. On departure from your hotel, remember to double check that you have your passports and any medication and money with you. If the hotel has a safe and you used it remember to check that it is empty. PLEASE, AT ALL TIMES BE AS VIGILANT AS YOU WOULD BE IN ANY MAJOR CITY, ESPECIALLY IN CROWDED PLACES SUCH AS SUBWAYS, SQUARES, OR CHURCHES/CATHEDRALS. NEVER LEAVE YOUR HAND LUGGAGE UNATTENDED OR OUT OF SIGHT IN PUBLIC AREAS, INCLUDING AIRPORTS, HOTEL LOBBIES, OR DINING ROOMS.

Keep a separate list of important numbers, i.e. passport and credit cards in your luggage, together with photocopies of airline tickets and the relevant pages of your passport/visas.


In Slovenia if you are making an emergency call from a phone booth, you do not need to insert a telephone card.

Emergency switchboard 112                                    Police 113


We recommend that you keep this hotel list with you at all times and leave one copy with your relatives or friends. In addition we recommend you call Judy at Kollander with a contact number for a family member or friend in the unlikely event of an emergency.

  • Hotel rooms are usually not ready until 2:00 p.m. Bags can be stored at the front desk.
  • Ice machines are often not available. If you call for ice be sure to tip for delivery.
  • Fixtures in bathrooms and bedrooms are not standardized.
  • Rooms may be smaller than you are used to.
  • Mini-bar items and access to pay TV channels are at your own expense.
  • Queen size beds are rare in Europe.
  • In some hotels, key cards operate the room lighting systems and/or the elevator.
  • Soap dispensers are often fitted in bathrooms and showers.
  • Care is recommended when using hotel swimming pools, as water depths may be shallower than you might expect.
  • Hotels may be able to provide for a special diet, however there is no way for us to guarantee this. Special food usually costs extra. Please note: Vegetarian meals tend to lack variety and imagination. Please discuss with your Tour Director your dietary needs we have made note but you should follow up while on tour.




PHONE: +386 5 692 90 01



PHONE: +386  1 308 12 70


Local currency (Euro) will be needed. Cash may be obtained on arrival at exchange offices, banks or from ATMs. Traveler’s checks are impractical and credit cards have limited use, although more shops are beginning to accept them. US Dollars bills, if used, should be in good condition (not stained or torn), and recently printed; as banks and exchange offices are very particular.

Major credit cards are accepted in some of the better outlets, but shops and restaurants generally require a minimum purchase amount when using them (so they are not appropriate for incidentals such as ice cream, snacks, etc.). You might consider bringing more than one card, as some outlets may not accept all types. Due to increasing credit card fraud worldwide, be prepared to show identification (i.e. your passport) when making a transaction with your credit card. Visa and Master Card are the most popular. Be sure to call your bank and credit card company before you go and let them know your dates of travel and countries visited.

For the best available exchange rate, you will find ATM cards indispensable. We recommend the same amount of care when using an ATM in Europe as anywhere in the world. Avoid making withdrawals at night or in unlit areas, protect your PIN code from view, and be wary of assistance from seemingly helpful strangers, however polite and well dressed. A lost or blocked card should be reported to your bank via its 24-hour emergency number for immediate cancellation/replacement.


Country/Currency                              Equals                                                Equals USD

Slovenia/Euro                                     0.91 EUR       1 EUR            =          1.09 USD

(Values quoted are based on prevailing market rates at the time of printing and may fluctuate. The best place to exchange money is at a commercial bank or official foreign exchange office; please note that a fee is always charged for this service. *as per currency exchange rate on July 2016)


  • If you are taking your cell phone check provider rates, roaming fees, and text fees.
  • To avoid expensive long-distance calls, we recommend you use a calling card.
  • Different access codes apply, depending on the country you are calling from. This service may not be universally available in some countries.
  • Some hotels may make a connecting charge even for toll-free numbers.
  • Various international long distance calling cards (check which countries you can use them from) or local phone cards may be available at tobacco stores, kiosks, or post offices.
  • Ask your Tour Director for more information.


  • We suggest casual lightweight layered clothing that you can mix and match and maybe one or two nicer outfits for the evenings. Men do not need sport jackets. Due to global weather changes, regional temperatures may deviate from the normal. We recommend layered, easy care, casual clothing and item or two for rain or unseasonable temperatures.
  • If you are bringing gifts do not wrap them.
  • You can purchase locks that are TSA approved for air travel and store your valuables when you leave the hotel room. (Wal-Mart, Target, and Sears should carry them) – Also you can carry on the plane 1 quart size clear bag with liquids no more than 3 oz. each. These stores carry zippered clear bags for these liquids.
  • One checked bag is free for international travel. Maximum weight is 50 lbs. and size is 62” (height + length + depth).
  • We suggest a small zippered bag or backpack for the bus each day for personal items like bottled water, rain poncho, sweater, sunscreen etc. This will have to fit in the small overhead compartment or under your seat.
  • Please remember to bring a good supply of any medication you are taking and a copy of the prescription. All-purpose tissues, hand sanitizer/antibacterial wipes, sunscreen, bug spray and lady’s necessities; a change of atmosphere can change body rhythms and supplies may not be readily available in some countries.
  • Washcloths usually are considered a personal item (like a toothbrush) and are rarely supplied. If you use washcloths, please bring some with you (disposable would be ideal, so damp ones don’t have to be carried in your luggage).
  • Pack extra film for your camera, memory cards and spare batteries for all electronic devices including hearing aids as replacements may be difficult to find.


  • Europe is based on a myriad of old buildings, and there are split-levels and uneven surfaces everywhere; please watch your step! Due to the structure of old buildings, access to some establishments may not be convenient for wheelchair use, and facilities for the disabled in general may be limited. Many areas are pedestrian only and have cobblestones. High-heeled shoes are not suitable for cobblestone streets; rubber-soled walking shoes are recommended.
  • A different way of life in some countries on tour may take you by surprise, but if you travel with an open mind and respect local customs and culture, you should find it easier to adapt to and enjoy your new surroundings. Standards of living may not be quite what you are used to, but there are compensations – a closer sense of reality and a more authentic feeling of locale. Due to cultural differences in Europe you may not be greeted quite as cheerfully as back home; smiling is generally reserved for intimate friends! So be especially wary of people presenting themselves as “instant friends” and never accept any offer of food or drink from strangers.


Tips are appreciated in Euros. Guide below is per person.

  • Slovenian Tour Director: USD 6-8 per day per person.
  • Bus driver: USD 3-4 per day per person.
  • Group Local guide: USD 2-3 per half day of sightseeing per person.

(offers in-depth information at specific locations along a tour program)

  • Restaurants & Cafes: If not included, tip 10%-15% of the check, depending on the quality of service.
  • Group Meals: A small tip is appreciated at our group-planned meals. Several dinners and lunches do not include drinks and each individual pays them at time of service.
  • Taxis: Tip up to 10% of the fare. (we recommend you book taxis via your hotel reception and pre-negotiate taxi fares to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the journey)
  • Tips are given to chambermaids, hairdressers, beauticians, and other places of service.


Voltage is mostly 220, 50-cycle alternating current. Unless you use a good quality electric current converter, the heavier voltage will instantly burn out any electrical equipment you wish to use abroad. Before leaving home, you will need to purchase an international adapter so your two-prong plug will connect to the various local electrical supply outlets (check that it is sufficiently powerful for your appliance), and a converter to convert the 220 volts to 110 volts. Adapter/converter kits that include the entire range of plugs can be purchased at better electrical supply stores. Buying electrical devices in foreign places is not recommended unless you are sure that the current they use is compatible with the current at home. It will likely cost you more than the original price to have an appliance converted.


Day 01 – Wednesday – Sept. 14, 2016 – Depart Home Cities for Slovenia

Day 02 – Thursday – Sept. 15, 2016,   Arrival to Slovenia - Portoroz Upon arrival to Ljubljana (Brnik) airport, you will be met and transferred as a group to our hotel in Portoroz we have a morning and afternoon transfer.  Welcome drink and dinner at our hotel.   Hotel Riviera (D)

Day 03 - Friday – Sept. 16, 2016        Portorož Enjoy a typical Slovenian-style buffet breakfast at our hotel before the morning conference hosted by SGSI.  Early afternoon depart for our private boat cruise with lunch served on board and music entertainment.  We will stop at Piran and Koper for brief tours of each before returning to our hotel in Portoroz.  Enjoy a free evening at your leisure.  (B,L)

Day 04 – Saturday – Sept. 17, 2016 Excursion to Goriška Brda, Today, enjoy a full-day excursion to the vineyard region of Goriška Brda and discover the fairy tale landscape, but also the cultural and historical traditions of the Primorska Region. Our first stop will be the medieval town of Šmartno where we will have a short sightseeing tour and see aCastle. Then continue to the town of Dobrovo and have light lunch. We will end the tour of Goriška Brda with a visit to local winery for wine tasting. Return to Portorož for dinner at a local restaurant and overnight (B,L,WT ,D)

Day 05 – Sunday – Sept. 18, 2016 Portoroz to Ljubljana After breakfast, we check out of our hotel and visit the Lipica Stud Farm. It is the cradle of all Lipizzaner horses in the world. The Lipizzaners were made famous by the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. Nowadays the Lipica Stud Farm is one of the most beautiful cultural and historical sites in Slovenia.   After this tour, travel to a nearby vineyard for wine tasting and light lunch (cold cuts). Then continue to Postojna and visit one of the world’s largest Karst caves. Take a unique and adventurous ride on a special train to one of the most diverse cave systems in the world. End the tour of the Karst region with a visit to Predjama Castle, perched high up in a vertical cliff. End the day in Ljubljana and check into our hotel. Free evening stroll along the river front, try a local gostilna for dinner or possibly enjoy a gelato.  Grand Union Hotel (B,WT,LL)

Day 06 – Monday – Sept. 19, 2016 Ljubljana

Breakfast at our hotel before the morning conference hosted by SGSI staff; begin Archive visit arranged by SGSI. Local assistance by the Tour Director who will make suggestions for transportation to villages, car rental, or any private services you may want to arrange. Overnight at hotel.  (B)

Day 07 – Tuesday – Sept. 20, 2016  Ljubljana

Breakfast at our hotel.  Day at leisure to visit the Archives and/or travel to family villages.  Our Tour Director will be at disposal for suggestions for transportation to villages, car rental, or any private services you may wish to arrange. Traditional Slovenian evening at local restaurant in Ljubljana with dinner and folklore show. Overnight at hotel.  (B,D)

Day 08- Wednesday - Sept. 21, 2016 Ljubljana

Breakfast at our hotel. Day at leisure to visit the Archives and/or travel to family villages. Our Tour Director will be at disposal for suggestions for transportation to villages, car rental, or any private services you may wish to arrange. Overnight at hotel.  (B)

Day 09 – Thursday – Sept. 22, 2106 Ljubljana

Breakfast at our hotel.  Day at leisure to visit the Archives and/or travel to family villages. Our Tour Director will be at disposal for suggestions for transportation to villages, car rental, or any private services you may wish to arrange. Overnight at hotel. (B)

Day 10 – Friday – Sept. 23, 2016  Departure Ljubljana Breakfast  and group departure transfer to the Ljubljana (Brnik)Airport (one for the group).  (B)

(The above program is subject to a few minor changes if necessary along the way your tour director advise you.)




Jisa / Rose Marie

Beesley / Anita

Nosse / Elizabeth

Nicholas / Debra

Panchur / Christine

Barfuss / Lorena

Coberly / Frances

Barfuss / Emer

Oshaben / Edward

Mack / Joelene

Oshaben / Helen

Olivo / Cheralyn

Starsinic / Donald

Gasser Lennea

Starsinic / Margaret

Gasser / Andrew

Starsinic / Michael

Kaup / Lorri

Sodac / David

Sedmak / Richard

Sodac / Barbara

Maierle / Richard

O’Donnell / Kelli

Dormish / Jeffrey

O’Donnell / Kathleen

Boyd / William

Claesgens / Ann

Boyd / Diane

Claesgens / Raymond

Hocevar / Janice

Moore / Nancy

Hocevar / Carmen

Bombac / Raymond

Bender / Carol

Bombac / Marilyn

Krance / Michelle

Miller / Gary

Krance / Sandra

Miller / Marilyn

Guise / Kathleen

Ryan / James

Poe / Christina

Ryan / Lois


Kuhel / Robert

Ljubljana Only

Kuhel / Donna

Zakrajsek / Michael

Addicot / John

Wiley / Elizabeth

Addicot / Margaret

Wiley / Gary

Nash / Barbara

Collins / Jennifer

Nash / Lee



ENGLISH:                                                   SLOVENIAN:

Hello                                                              Živijo

Good morning/day                                         Dobro jutro/Dober dan

Good evening                                                Dober vecer

Goodbye                                                        Nasvidenje

Please/You’re welcome                                  Prosim/Ni za kaj

Thank you                                                      Hvala

Yes                                                                 Ja/Da

No                                                                  Ne

Do you speak English?                                  Govorite anglesko?

I don’t understand                                         Ne razumem

Please write it down                                      Prosim, zapišite

How much does it cost?                                Koliko stane?

Where is …?                                                  Kje je …?

Telephone                                                       Telefon          

Bathroom                                                       Stranišče/WC

Tea                                                                 Čaj

Coffee                                                            Kava

Wine                                                               Vino

Beer                                                                Pivo

Bottled water                                                 Steklenica vode

Cheers!                                                           Na zdravje!

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Genetika v pravosodju.
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